• Recycling- you can do this!

    Recycling- you can do this, it doesn't matter who you are. We can collect your recyclables from your home, office, school, restaurant, bar etc. the list goes on. Start storing these (paper, plastic, newspaper, cardboard, bottles, and plastic bottles). Recycling is our lifestyle and we are committed to making this everyone's lifestyle.We believe everyone has the responsibility to protect, conserve and to use the resources they have available to them in a wise manner. Will you join us in this commitment?

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  • New ActsCont App

    ActsCont has released an app for Android users. The app allows you to view all information on the website and get new notifications without the use of a web browser ,on your Android device. ActsCont app is available for free.Click below to download then install it on your device

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  • Epignosis Tutoring

    To avoid walking on landmines while going to a place, one needs mentorship and leading from someone who has been there. This is where we come in, our interest is to help learners and students know and understand their studies. As Epignosis Tutoring, we aim to not only show you where to go, but lead you every step of the way. Contact us today, and we will help you get that A you have been aiming for.

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