• ActsCont Properties

    ActsCont Properties (also known as ACP), is the division of ActsCont which handles all of ActsCont’s properties, whether tangible or intangible. It is the department that spearheads any and all business operations which generate income through the avenue of property sales or rentals. The primary mandate of ACP is to generate income for ActsCont through any form that involves or is otherwise connected to property usage or other related property transactions. Our mandate is also to manage and regulate the proper purchase and usage of properties acquired or owned by ActsCont.

    Therefore the reigns of ACP are quite broad and go beyond managing property for the purposes of generating income, but also managing all the property of the company of any form, that is including intangible property assets such as trademarks, patents, etc. in order to ensure optimal usage of such assets. As a result the department in itself can act as an independent income generator for the company, but is also very involved in almost all operations of the company, that is regarding any property transactions that the company as a whole as well as the other departments may conduct, as well as any property that the other departments or the company may own.

    This dual-function of the company is one that is very unique, and is perfectly suited for the method in which the company is currently running. We do however acknowledge that as the rapid expansion of the company occurs; this current structure will have to be reassessed.

  • Income Generating Operations

    ACP looks to conduct operations in various forms. The primary form being that of purchasing commercial property in certain areas around the country and renovating it with the intention of letting it out as either commercial or residential accommodation. Another avenue is that of acquiring property with the intention of renovating it and selling it to businesses or individuals.

    Our current focus is in acquiring such commercial property in areas where residential accommodation is needed the most, and that is in areas where there are large and vast tertiary institutions. With the assurance of a steady demand this market has become our initial and primary focal point in piloting ACP of the ground.

    This will first be done in Braamfontein, an area in Johannesburg which contains two of the most recognised tertiary institutions and many others, and as a result contains a large number of students who need accommodation every year, without fail. With price hikes resulting from a monopolised market disorientating students in that area, our high quality accommodation at affordable rates will surely be first choice.

    ACP is currently knee-deep in the process of acquiring two buildings in Braamfontein. Renovations will commence soon and the buildings will be available for occupation as student accommodation by March of 2014.

  • ACP Value Add

    ACP manages all property transactions that take place in the whole of ActsCont, as well as all property owned by ActsCont. Therefore any property acquisitions, renovations, or sales etc. of any nature in ActsCont will be and are managed by this department of the company in detail; this ranging from the head-office to every piece of intellectual property that the company might own. Although this aspect of the department does not directly generate income for the company, it adds a lot of value to the entire form in the goals of its very function.

    Vision & Mission

    ACP’s vision is to become a property empire in its own right. It is to dominate the property market with the aim of improving it and catalysing new standards in this market well wide. It is not only to be the most influential force behind the government’s plan of turning Johannesburg into Africa’s New York, but single-handedly spear-heading this goal and taking it further than they had initially envisioned.

    It is to initiate and implement new generation innovations that will be the foundation and initiation of advanced construction technology which will result in advanced construction methods and building structures for entire communities and countries.

    ACP’s mission involves, purchasing every piece of real estate possible, but this in strategic areas; areas which will enable ACP to be rightly positioned to fulfil its vision of spear-heading the government’s initiative of turning Johannesburg into Africa’s New York. Some of this property will be directly linked with ACP’s income generating function, but more so the former intention. Thus it is to acquire income generating property while simultaneously being strategically positioned for the fulfilment of the vision.

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