Executive Summary

ActsCont Consultancy and Projects (Pty) Ltd,briefly called ACTSCONT, is a private company which has recently

been incorporated. It is 100% black owned company, with 97% of it being owned by members considered to be

young. ACTSCONT is a holding company with subsidiaries branching into various fields of industry.

It's current operations can be categorized into Retail,Service, Consultancy, Real Estate and Accomodation. Currently active in Braamfontein and involved in various business ventures and operations within and outside

the area.

ACTSCONT is a company that looks to set new standards and to be the pioneers of every industry that we


We believe that a company is the best vehicle to employ in order to create increases in the levels of quality

and standards of a nation. We aim to improve the efficiency levels of every industry we are involved in to a

point that they are able to compete at a world stage.

We value people, we value our nation and we intend to make both the people and our nation invaluable.

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