• Auxano Reap (Pty) Ltd.

    Auxano Reap (Pty) Ltd. (Also Known As Auxano) is a division and subsidiary company of ActsCont which handles all ActsCont farming and agricultural related business ventures. Auxano is a company that was founded and incorporated in May of 2012, in order to service all ActsCont large scale agricultural development projects.

    Auxano looks into generating income by producing fresh vegetables, livestock (swine & sheep) and poultry products.

    These products are supplied to local retailers and wholesale enterprises. More than income generation; Auxano is passionate about alleviating poverty, bettering the quality of life and improving the economy of South Africa by promoting agricultural activities.

  • Mission & Vision

    Auxano Reap (Pty) Ltd.’s vision is to become self-sufficient major suppliers of agricultural goods in South Africa, Africa and the world at large.
     Our programme aim is to:  

    Redefine the agricultural sector in local communities at a national level through, manufacturing, wholesale and providing enterprise retail services of agricultural goods.

    Ensuring a safe and high-quality supply of agricultural products.

    Ensuring food security for based communities and providing support in promoting farming activities.

    Ensuring economic development through job creation, poverty alleviation, and sustainable agricultural development, and to participate in all forms of the agricultural sector services and large scale agricultural projects. 

    Applying enhanced, robust natural systems in protecting biodiversity and ecosystem.

    Providing multi-dimensional agricultural resources and environmentally friendly systems, and innovating new agricultural mechanisms to better facilitate labour division and processing of goods.

  • Services & Operations



    Poultry products:

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